Emerita Paraben-Free Pro-Gest Single - 48 Doses
Since the launch of Emerita in 1997, consumers have requested a more convenient package to apply a measured amount of cream. Emerita have now produced a paraben-free formula.

Responding to the needs of our consumers, each Pro-Gest Single Use Packet is manufactured to contain 1/4 teaspoon of Pro-Gest. Each 1/4 teaspoon contains 20 mg of progesterone.

Each package contains a one month supply: 48 individual packets of Pro-Gest.


48 packets of Pro-Gest (1/4 teaspoon)

20 mg of progesterone per single use packet



See Emerita Pro-gest Paraben-Free

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Contains no Parabens, mineral oil, petroleum or animal components.